Everyone has a story to tell…


This is ours.

Regardless of the people, industry, product, or cause, Sniffen Productions identifies the pertinent threads to weave a compelling story. Our philosophy is, everyone has a story to tell. From the hospital trying to raise funds for a new neonatal wing to a fortune 500 company launching a new product or a community trying to bring awareness to a social condition, there is always a compelling story to tell.

Sniffen Productions has built a reputation on filtering through all the goal specific elements of a project to arrive at that human message which connects universally to the audience.

Specialties: 4K and HD production, Web Video, Business Communications, Educational and long format and television production, lighting design and editing.


Turnkey Video Production

From concept through creation, we provide complete pre- and post video production services. Our team is avaialble for location or in studio productions.

Concept and Script Development

We begin with understanding your goals and then develop the concept and script to make your video a success.


Motion Graphics and Animation

Our talented team of motion designers, animators and CGI artists create stunning visuals to enhance your message.

Voice Over and Music Production

Whether your project needs voice over production, simple background music or a custom soundtrack, our team can provide comprehensive sound production and editing.

Video Editing/Post-Production Services

Video editing is the critical step to making sure your video is on target and on message. Our experienced team carefully crafts each element to make sure your video project is a success.

Drone Video Production

We provide fully licensed and experienced drone video production to enhance your video project.

“Everyone has a story to tell, no matter the subject matter… the key is finding the emotional or dynamic element that the viewer will identify with and then creatively communicating that to your audience.”

— Scott Sniffen


Scott is an Emmy nominated filmmaker and principal at Sniffen Productions, a division of Sniffen Enterprises, LLC. With over 20 years-experience in the industry, Scott’s successes have been recognized including numerous Gold Cindy, Gold Eagle CINE and Gold Telly awards.

Scott, a Connecticut native, started in the business with his production company Gold Coast Productions and then post facilty with Postworks, both in Stamford, CT. He then formed Sniffen Productions in Southbury, CT. With experience in almost every aspect of the industry, Scott is a true filmmaker with expertise in cinematography, directing and editing.

When Scott is not producing for Sniffen Productions, he has directed independent films such as the Emmy nominated Home of the Brave, a film documenting a Connecticut town’s fight against a Nazi group in 1937. And Haiti: Day by Day, a new documentary due out later this year.

Sniffen is an accomplished interviewer and enjoys connecting with people to find the various threads which create a compelling story. His slogan is “Everyone has a story to tell” and Scott is ready to tell yours.

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?